Intellium is your cloud-based dashboarding platform
to gain clear insights into your healthcare facility

Better, faster decisions

With Intellium, understand and identify your healthcare facility’s bottlenecks and performance issues. Whether it’s delays, staffing or inventory shortages, our customized and personalized dashboards will help you make better decisions.

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Real-time interactive dashboards

Our platform is built by IT and healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. It translates to a clear understanding of your needs.

With Power BI embedded, you are just a click away from dashboards, global care pathways, specific performance reports and so much more.

Best data privacy and protection

Data privacy and security are crucial, that’s why we designed Intellium with that in mind. Combined with Microsoft Azure, Intellium offers robust security management.

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Are you ready to improve
your efficiency?

Talk to one of our experts today to get a clear understanding
of what Intellium can do for you.

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Work from anywhere, on any device

Our secure cloud-based and adaptive solutions enables you to access your data with your mobile, tablet or desktop at anytime.

Secure and easy access to any data sources

When it comes to technology, adaptiveness is key. Intellium understands that and enables users, via Power BI, to connect it to ContinuumCore or virtually any other data sources.

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Live chat support

Need help within Intellium? Chat with one of our experts and solve your problem fast. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to help you out!

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Want to learn more? Talk to one of our experts

Whether you need performance dashboards or a centralized data warehouse, one of our experts will help you discover the tools you need to optimize your data and your healthcare facility.

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