ContinuumCore is everything you need
for a secure and centralized data warehouse

Data management, simplified

ContinuumCore organizes, normalizes and optimizes your data in one secure platform. Let our team of experts do all the work and enjoy all your data under the same roof.

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A solution adapted to your needs

Your needs change in time, so does your data. With a flexible and scalable solution like ContinuumCore, stay focused on your objectives and on your facility’s performance. Take advantage of:

  • 100+ connectors;
  • real-time analytics leveraging the entire continuum of care;
  • clinical, administrative and financial data;
  • and so much more.

Best built-in security

ContinuumCore respects the highest security standards of the industry. It’s based on Microsoft SQL Server security features and can be modeled for specific needs and rules. In sum, your data is safe with us.

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Are you ready to improve
your data management?

Talk to one of our experts today to get a clear understanding
of what ContinuumCore can do for you.

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Data quality first

Data quality is crucial when it comes to analytics, especially in the healthcare industry. That’s why ContinuumCore uses data normalization and validation to detect potential issues.

With proactive alerts, 700+ advanced algorithms, we ensure data coherence and validity at all times.

Access enhanced, patient-centric data

With our unique patient identifier, gain clear insights into your patients’ trajectory in your facilityOther kinds of data you can use are:

  • Geospatial;
  • User-generated;
  • Demographic;
  • Activity-based costing.
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Want to learn more? Talk to one of our experts

Whether you need performance dashboards or a centralized data warehouse, one of our experts will help you discover the tools you need to optimize your data and your healthcare facility.

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