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Intellium is Continuum Health’s advanced analytics platform.

One of its strengths is that it can be cloud or hybrid-cloud, depending on organizational needs.

Intellium gives access to global care pathways, specific performance reports, and so much more. It can also act as a dashboarding interface with any other data sources.

Access relevant dashboards with ease

With Intellium and its embedded Power BI, obtain the dashboards you really need, whether using predefined ones or building them according to your needs. It’s self-service at its best!

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Access your data securely 24/7

Access Intellium’s dashboards and insights on any device, at any time. With our secure cloud-based solutions, decide what’s best for you.

Want to see how Intellium can help you make better decisions?

ContinuumCore is one of the tools you need for proper data governance.

It gives full access to a secure and scalable data warehouse.

As needs and data evolve, ContinuumCore also does,
ensuring you always benefit from fully-optimized data management.

Improve your efficiency

ContinuumCore organizes, secures and optimizes your healthcare data so it becomes data at your service. You become one step closer to data governance with available, usable and quality data.

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Save time with centralized data

Secured and centralized data is essential. Thanks to ContinuumCore and its agnostic data model, you can save time and avoid seeking valuable information from multiple data sources.

Combining Intellium and ContinuumCore is possible and has great benefits. You’ll get predefined performance reports and ease of integration, just to name a few.

Want to see even more benefits?

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our experts

Whether you need performance dashboards or a centralized data warehouse, one of our experts will help you discover the tools you need to optimize your data and your healthcare facility.

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