Solutions that take your data to the next level

Do you want to optimize your data utilization?

Have your considered a clinical decision support tool?

With ContinuumCore, you have access to an evolving data counter. As your needs and your data evolve, the model does too. It’s up to you to exploit it to its full potential.


Over 100 connectors to give access to a large array of data sources.

New data sources

Easy integration of population data, user generated data and non structured medical data.

Normalized data

Full access to normalized data to facilitate your clinical decision making process.

Data at your service

With Intellium, you obtain a platform for advanced analytics, accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Combined with ContinuumCore, Intellium will give you access to dashboards, care trajectories, performance reports, and much more.

Everything is developed in close collaboration between your team and ours.

Faster decisions, supported by your data

Intellium and its multiple dashboards guide you through the clinical decision making process.

Real-time data, anytime, anywhere

Intellium gathers real-time interactive data that lets you follow your patients proactively.

Self-service data discovery

View the data you need, when you need it, in your preferred format.

Harness real-time data to meet all of your operational and strategic needs

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