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For healthcare professionals, the ability to easily process a large amount of data with intuitive tools and navigate through interactive cloud-based tables in real time is a major plus, as it speeds up performance and facilitates decision-making.

Gabriel Delisle, Director of  Continuum Health and its flagship solutions, ContinuumCore and Intellium, met with the Health-Evolution Newsletter team.

Hello, Gabriel. What can you tell us about Continuum Health?

Continuum Health was designed in response to a growing need within healthcare facilities in finding a way to maximize data potential they already have.

Throughout the entire patient care trajectory, the solutions proposed by Logibec’s  Continuum Health address this by enabling facilities to access their data from a single location through unified, intuitive dashboards, and thus, quickly and easily generate performance reports.

What are ContinuumCore and Intellium?

These are the two solutions offered by Continuum Health.

ContinuumCore  is a tool that structures the client’s agnostic data by subject and accurately depicts what is happening in the field. It is very user-friendly, and it maximizes the usefulness of already available data. The tool centralizes it from various information systems into a single point of access known as a “data warehouse,” through which the use of available data is maximized.

Intellium, on the other hand, is a cloud-based data analytics platform that meets the client’s management, performance and advanced analytics needs. It is accessible from all devices, at all times. Intellium also allows users to query data for learning and continuous improvement. With its high query capacity, Intellium is becoming a key player in operational, tactical and strategic clinical decision-making.

Big data has become quite the hot topic. Is data management becoming increasingly important?

Absolutely. We have worked very hard to put together a strong team, which is made up of very highly skilled people from several healthcare sectors. Our team is exclusively dedicated to meeting ever-evolving advanced analytics needs and works in true partnership with healthcare facilities to offer them customized solutions.

Clients are always central to the equation, and their data is used to increase efficiency and limit operating costs in their facilities.

And what about Med-GPS?

Med-GPS is a comprehensive tool used to support performance services in healthcare facilities and monitor the quality of data entered in source systems. Several healthcare facilities still use it with a very high satisfaction rate.

But recently, several clients chose to migrate to newer available versions through Continuum Health and Continuum Core. The collaborative mode, which includes frequent data updates and real-time refreshes, is highly regarded. We have also “denormalized” the data to make it easier to use and understand, and have provided online documentation on all tables, fields and calculations.

What is the impact of Continuum Health on clients?

Significant. Our clients can react more quickly than ever to any eventuality, as the suite provides three key elements:

  1. Cloud-based access to data (anywhere, anytime on any device)
  2. Self-service data queries
  3. Easy to interpret data that translates into service improvements

Ultimately, facilities that have adopted Continuum Health have noted a decrease in lengths of stay (ALOS) and emergency room traffic, as well as optimizations in their operating rooms.

Our tools enable facilities to provide more direct care to patients, acquire in-depth knowledge of frequent users, and create care pathways that better support managers in their quest for offering personalized service that matches diagnoses.

About The Author

Marie-Josée Letendre

Marie-Josée Letendre joined the Continuum Health team less than a year ago as a Product Specialist. Since she became a nurse in 2005, she has earned three certificates and a bachelor of Science from Université de Montréal in 2016. Her nursing career began at Charles-Le Moyne hospital, first in postoperative general surgery and then in hemodialysis. She also taught the Health, Assistance and Nursing (SASI) program to nursing assistants before joining the team at CSSS Lucille-Teasdale. Then, she moved on to the CISSSO de Gatineau and worked in ambulatory services at a local community service centre (CLSC), in inmate services, at the access desk and, finally, in public health. Marie-Josée is able to combine her two passions within our team: contributing to the implementation of high-performance healthcare solutions and travelling. Her suitcase is always packed!