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The healthcare sector is facing an urgent need to invest in the appropriate collection and management of large amounts of data.

So far, in many cases, they have mainly been distributed among several separate systems and are therefore exposed to security threats and risks of being lost.

A solution developed by healthcare and technology specialists
Despite these risks, there is something we can look forward to. A highly intuitive and secure platform indeed exists: Intellium. This platform, developed by healthcare specialists, meets the industry’s highest standards by using each facility’s own data.

Furthermore, it gathers information and provides increased safety and real-time navigation in highly interactive tables for a dramatic improvement in team performance and in patient care levels. It also improves the ease with which accurate and informed decisions can be made.

Wherever, whenever and on the device of your choice
In only a couple of clicks, the cloud-based Intellium solution uses a care provider’s data to meet their advanced analytics needs — wherever, whenever and however they want it.

With accessibility, autonomy and learning as its objectives, Intellium allows users to query data with learning and continuous improvement in mind. Using a facility’s current and future data, Intellium thus paves the way for accurate clinical, operational, tactical and strategic decision-making.

Intellium’s customized advantage is clear. As a matter of fact, its deployment includes tailor-made training, support in creating defined tools and reports and the implementation of tools related to Intellium training and optimization. Finally, it also includes real-time chat with specialists to answer all your questions.

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This article was created in collaboration with Marc Labelle, consultant, strategic communications.

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Marie-Josée Letendre

Marie-Josée Letendre joined the Continuum Health team less than a year ago as a Product Specialist. Since she became a nurse in 2005, she has earned three certificates and a bachelor of Science from Université de Montréal in 2016. Her nursing career began at Charles-Le Moyne hospital, first in postoperative general surgery and then in hemodialysis. She also taught the Health, Assistance and Nursing (SASI) program to nursing assistants before joining the team at CSSS Lucille-Teasdale. Then, she moved on to the CISSSO de Gatineau and worked in ambulatory services at a local community service centre (CLSC), in inmate services, at the access desk and, finally, in public health. Marie-Josée is able to combine her two passions within our team: contributing to the implementation of high-performance healthcare solutions and travelling. Her suitcase is always packed!