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The Health Evolution Newsletter published last June introduced you to Gabriel Delisle, Director of Continuum Health, and to Continuum Health’s data management model. Today, we are presenting the chosen approach for the Intellium and ContinuumCore solutions, and how they can provide managers in the healthcare network with an enhanced decision-making capacity.

At Logibec, technological solutions are developed to meet each client’s specific needs. This is our vision for product and service delivery. The Intellium and ContinuumCore solutions, included in Continuum Health’s product offering, address the three key objectives of data managers in the healthcare industry: accessibility, autonomy and learning.


  • Cloud-based access: the product is available when you need it, where you need it, and on the device of your choice;
  • User-friendliness: no advanced knowledge is required;
  • Structure: data can be queried from any source, all in one view;
  • Adaptability: unstructured, unstandardized data can be added;
  • Real-time: data is always up-to-date.


  • Self-service data exploration and analysis tool through Microsoft’s Power BI application;
  • Drilldown levels designed to meet client needs;
  • “Care pathway” configuration: creates a standard/ideal care pathway, and a preview of the current reality;
  • Configuration: Intellium’s standardized data analytics platform enables you to query data with no expertise required.


Continuum Health is composed of information management experts specialized in data analysis and exploitation. This team is dedicated to sharing their knowledge with clients to help them improve their decision-making process.

  • Documentation: optimal understanding of information management through comprehensive documentation enabling you to navigate the world of data analytics;
  • Models: available care pathway models and report templates for optimal data analysis;
  • Time-saving features: reduced workload associated with data entry, and data configuration to facilitate understanding of data and results;

In the next edition of our Health Evolution Newsletter, we will take a closer look at the specifics of each solution.

About The Author

Marie-Josée Letendre

Marie-Josée Letendre joined the Continuum Health team less than a year ago as a Product Specialist. Since she became a nurse in 2005, she has earned three certificates and a bachelor of Science from Université de Montréal in 2016. Her nursing career began at Charles-Le Moyne hospital, first in postoperative general surgery and then in hemodialysis. She also taught the Health, Assistance and Nursing (SASI) program to nursing assistants before joining the team at CSSS Lucille-Teasdale. Then, she moved on to the CISSSO de Gatineau and worked in ambulatory services at a local community service centre (CLSC), in inmate services, at the access desk and, finally, in public health. Marie-Josée is able to combine her two passions within our team: contributing to the implementation of high-performance healthcare solutions and travelling. Her suitcase is always packed!