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Continuum Health is a leader in advanced analytics, data, dashboards and performance solutions for healthcare facilities.

Their mission is to create innovative IT solutions, bringing together brilliant, inspired and creative people.

Their ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, our offices are in the perfect place to provide work-life balance.

Our benefits

Flexible hours

Need to see a doctor? Your children are sick? No problem. We have core working hours, but your schedule stays flexible.

Vacation days

Upon your arrival, you’ll get 3 weeks’ vacation.

Competitive insurance

Our insurance covers everything, from travel to dental care and vision care.

Embrace our culture


We believe success comes from enjoying what you do (and not the opposite).

entrepreneurial DNA

We do not believe in the status quo and we love to push the limits.


We believe a winning team involves commitment and motivation.

The values
that guide us

Leadership is about… influencing our future

Being humane is about… owning our future

Innovation is about… creating our future

Collaboration is about… cultivating our future

Continuum Health brings data to life!

The healthcare sector is complex, fast-paced and full of data. Helping a patient means getting access to the right information at the right time. We can help.

Everyone at Continuum brings their experience to the table in order to make a difference. And knowing that each of us can influence how the solution will come to life is a great source of motivation for the whole team.

Gabriel Delisle
Director – Performance Analytics Solutions


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